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Buying a Business is a long and complex process and because of this complexity you need to work with a business brokerage that is honest, objective and solutions oriented. If you are serious about buying a business we can help you. Contact Us today - we will save you time and money - Guaranteed!

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Cosmetic and Laser Spa
Business for SALE - New Listing
This turn key business is a great business opportunity for someone who is looking for a flexible work schedule. Many recent business improvements have been implemented. No specific esthetic training is required although is available. For further details please download the pdf summary below.
Furnace & Fireplace, Sales and Service Business for SALE
This business specializes in residential furnace and fireplace, sales and service. This is a business development opportunity and there is no need for a new owner to have any specialized education or qualifications. For further details please download the pdf summary below.
Calgary & Area $291,000
Automotive Maintenance and Repair Business for SALE
This turn key business is located in a spacious facility within a high traffic area of Calgary. The buyer of this business has the flexibility to work the front end of the business or can choose to work on the vehicles. For further details please download the pdf summary below.
Calgary $399,000
Commercial Transport Maintenance and Repair Business for SALE
This business is a leader in the Commercial Transportation maintenance and repair field. Offering support services to the growing transportation industry in Calgary means further expansion of this business is a reality. For further details please download the pdf summary below.
Calgary $1,630,000
Oil and Gas Service Business for SALE
This is a rare opportunity to purchase a profitable business in the Oil and Gas Industry at a reasonable price point. This business offers a fairly unique service and product essential to the Oil and Gas Industry. For further details please download the pdf summary below.
Calgary $950,000
Specialty Trucking Company for SALE
This turn key business has seen exponential growth in recent years. Continued customer demand means further expansion of the business is possible. For further details please download the pdf summary below. 
Calgary $2,500,000 
Please Note: we do know of other businesses that are not "officially" listed for sale so if you are looking for something specific, please contact us. We'll help you find that ideal business opportunity and also guide you through the entire buying process.

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When it comes to buying a business we are your guide and advisor throughout the entire buying process. We understand the process, the pitfalls, who you should talk to when you need a Lawyer or an Accountant. We also know who you should talk to if you are in need of financing.

Helping you identify a suitable business to purchase and in turn helping you buy that perfect business is our passion and area of expertise.

Customer Comments

Highly recommend Matthew's expertise on your next business opportunity. His experience, diligence and professionalism helped us make informed decisions on our past business acquisition. John L (2014)


I've said this many times, but I appreciate working with you - especially because of your approach and attitude. It's nice to have the element of trust and know that these things can unfold smoothly and naturally without the subtle hussle or game playing. Mike T (2013)


I had spent about 5 months working with Matthew on the purchase of a business and would like to share my experience with you.

Matthew was representing the seller and I was a first time buyer with real business experience, formal business schooling but as I found out allot to learn. My experience was positive right from the beginning, Matthew walked me through some preliminary evaluations of my capacity for taking on a new business to ensure that I was qualified as to reassure the seller that everyone's efforts were warranted. Matthew was very patient but also assertive to ensure that all parties were moving forward throughout the evaluation period. Matthew's knowledge of the purchasing and evaluation process was very solid and he was able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand for a new purchaser like myself.

Matthew helped me work through the offer to purchase and remained impartial to ensure that both parties he represented had their best interests looked after. Although financing was approved after a long process due diligence proved some areas of weakness of the business that Matthew handled well and had some great solutions to help resolve any short comings. Matthew's demeanor throughout this process remained very professional and poised regardless of how well or difficult things were progressing.

I would think that any vendor or purchaser of any level would be fortunate to have Matthew on their side. CY


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