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Qualifying for a Commercial Mortgage can be a complex process. However, the good news is that there are more lenders and financing options out there than you would imagine. Our strategic relationship with Alberta Mortgage Solutions Inc. gives us the ability to secure the Commercial financing you need.

Our main area of expertise is working with entrepreneurs who want to build a sellable, financeable business or an owner looking to expand and buy Commercial property. We also work with Buyers looking to obtain financing for the purchase of a business.

Building a Sellable, Financeable Business
As a business owner you need to clearly understand that if a potential buyer for your business is looking for financing, (which is usually the case), the lender will be reviewing you and your business as part of the buyers qualification criteria.

Our lender relationships give us a unique insight into what a lender specifically looks for. This gives us the ability to help you build a Sellable, Financeable Business. Having a financeable business will increase the dollar value of your business tremendously, making it extremely attractive to any buyer or investor.

Purchasing Commercial Property
This is a great way of adding value to your Business and there are many financing options out there. We are not talking about Private lenders here, but “A” lenders who offer some incredible interest rates that can start as low as Prime + 1%!

Based on your company financial statements and other factors we can tell you what your business could qualify for in terms of a commercial mortgage. We can then provide you with a list of commercial real estate opportunities in your area that would fit your needs.

Financing for Buyers
For Buyers we have strategic relationships with "A" lenders who can offer you: Loans for purchasing Businesses which include the purchase of property, lenders who can also setup Cash Flow Loans (Lines of Credit) for purchasing businesses that do not include property.

Remember, you must have a meaningful down payment from your own resources in order to qualify for most loans. As a very rough guide, you can purchase owner occupied commercial property with as little as 15% down. The down payment required to secure a Cash Flow Loan is substantially higher.

For more information please contact us at 403-374-1604

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